Meet Naseem Salem

Naseem Salem is a seasoned entrepreneur with a keen work ethic and a distinct passion for the customers he serves. A true American success story Naseem Salem and his family emigrated from Baghdad, Iraq, to San Diego in 1990.

Since then, he and his family have owned and successfully operated a myriad of businesses, ranging from gas stations, a mid-sized private security firm, to their most recent success story: Carnival Supermarket, a grocery chain with three locations in the San Diego area. The Carnival Supermarket caters to a variety of cultures at an affordable price point. 

Naseem Salem credits his family for instilling in him a tireless work effort from the age of 12. Naseem holds a degree in Engineering from National University. He has a passion for business and is constantly striving for new business opportunities across all industries.

He and his family work side-by-side to bring customers the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. He values his customers’ ideas and the power of word of mouth. Naseem Salem goes above and beyond to provide what he refers to as ‘extreme customer service’, and strongly believes the customer comes first. Most days, you will find Naseem Salem working in a hands-on role, side-by-side with his customers and employees. He loves connecting with his customers in real time and takes every suggestion they make seriously. He also believes that his employees play a critical role in the overall success of his businesses, and he values their opinions highly.

Naseem is an eternal optimist – partially as a result of his extensive entrepreneurial experience spanning decades, his strong work ethic, and his ability to offer unique amenities and top notch customer service to his customers. When he sees a viable business opportunity, he acts quickly, which contributes to his overall success.

Naseem credits his family for his business acumen, which he honed at a very young age working in his father’s successful restaurant as a 12-year-old. He works hard to instill that work ethic in his own children.

Naseem has a passion for the local economy and has focused significant effort on the real estate market in the North Park Neighborhood of San Diego in particular. He is currently building a 110-unit apartment building which will further enhance the rejuvenation and growth of the area. He loves learning and is willing to take risks in business. Recently, Naseem and his family decided to branch into purchasing higher-end products and natural foods for the Carnival Supermarket: a welcomed change that helped boost customers’ confidence and overall satisfaction.

His diversified business portfolio requires Naseem to be both detail-oriented and highly productive: skills he enjoys practicing. He considers himself to be relentless in finding a solution to a problem, which serves him well.

Naseem currently lives in the San Diego area with his wife and children.